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My apologies to anyone who comes here looking for the cassettes or T-shirts. Due to circumstances beyond the control of either Daniel or myself, I'm no longer able to offer them. If you're determined to find this music in its original format and don't want to pay the ridiculous prices on eBay, you can e-mail for more information regarding the possibility of locating them.
Daniel Johnston Lo-Fi Homemade Cassettes PRICE QUANTITY TOTAL
Songs of Pain. Daniel's brilliant debut recorded at the family piano in 1980-81. out of print    
More Songs of Pain. The title says it all. 1982. out of print    
Don't Be Scared. Recorded in July, 1982 as Daniel enters his more prolific period. out of print    
The What of Whom. August 1982, another masterpiece - a songwriter at his peak and a man on the edge - what a combo. out of print    
Yip/Jump Music. Summer 1983, Daniel relocates to Texas and takes up the chord organ. Includes the classic Speeding Motorcycle. out of print    
Hi, How Are You. Man over the edge. An all-time classic. Walking the Cow. Desperate Man Blues. Keep Punching Joe. out of print    
Retired Boxer. December 1984, a return to the piano after a hiatus that included touring the country with a carnival. out of print    
Respect. January 1985, contains the should've been a hit Go. Vinyl in Spain only. out of print    
Continued Story. December 1985, Daniel's first time in a recording studio, backed by The Texas Instruments. Ain't No Woman Gonna Make a George Jones Outta Me and Funeral Home. out of print    
Live at South by Southwest. Live in concert, this might be the most lo-fi of them all. Side one recorded on a jambox in a large auditorium in March 1990, side two from in-stores at Waterloo Records and Sound Exchange that afternoon. out of print    
The Lost Recordings (One). 29 treasures from the vaults, all recorded in 1983. out of print    
The Lost Recordings (Two). 26 more from the same sessions. out of print    
Frankenstein Love (Daniel Johnston Live at the Houston Room 1992). Released in May 1998, this concert features superior versions of many of the songs that later turned up on Daniel's one and only Atlantic Records album FUN. out of print    
Live In Berlin. NEW RELEASE MARCH 2000! 18 mostly new songs brilliantly performed and recorded in Berlin June 6, 1999. out of print    
T-shirts   please specify size when ordering
Hi, How Are You T-shirt (2-sided design) classic white
S     L     XL
sold out    
Hi, How Are You t-shirt (2-sided design) gray
S     M     L     XL
sold out    
Hi, How Are You T-shirt (2-sided design) black w/white ink
S     M     L     
sold out    
Hi, How Are You baby and toddler T-shirts 1-sided white       12 months    T-2    T-3    T-4 sold out    
Yip/Jump T-shirt white             M     L     XL sold out    
Yip/Jump T-shirt gray         S    M     L     XL sold out    
Yip/Jump T-shirt black with white ink         S    M     L     XL sold out    
Yip/Jump baby and toddler T-shirts white  6 months  
12 months    T-2    T-3    T-4
sold out    
Continued Story T-shirt white         S    M     L     XL sold out    
Continued Story T-shirt gray         S    M     L     XL sold out    
Nirvana T-shirt black w/white ink         S    M     L     XL sold out    
Nirvana long-sleeve black w/white ink    S    M     L    XL sold out    
Face the Music T-shirt black w/white ink    S     M      L      XL sold out    
Face the Music long-sleeve black    S     M      L      XL sold out    
Death of Satan/Monster Mash  Danny and the Nightmares
Daniel's first new recordings in what seems like an eternity thanks to Munster Records in Madrid. It comes in 2 different covers so please specify whether you'd like the color or black and white one.
sold out    
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